I’m Deena Margolin, a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT) who specializes in helping children and parents grow and reach their potential. I’m absolutely passionate about helping families live with more well-being, connection, and happiness. There’s nothing I’d rather do more in this lifetime.


I’m also a public speaker, author, parent coach, and have a team of amazing child therapists that work with me! Feel free to scroll down to learn a bit more about what I and my team do…


Our goal is to help children and families connect through compassion, cultivate new coping tools, and become more resilient.


Our Approach

Rooted in mindfulness and integrating the latest research in neuroscience, Deena Margolin and her team of therapists blend art activities, reflective practices, and active coping tool building exercises to help children grow in their most natural ways. Our goals are to help your child build a deeper awareness of what happens inside, recognize their own triggers, and become empowered to use new, more constructive coping tools for stressful moments.

We use a unique treatment model, in which we offer for support for parents in conjunction with individual treatment for the child. Through parent education sessions, we identify helpful strategies to support your child’s growth at home. We’ve found this comprehensive approach to be the most effective way to help your child and family work through challenges and become more resilient.


“Life is filled with challenges. We’re here to make the hard moments easier.”

— Deena Margolin, FOUNDER


Child and Parent Support


Every child and every family system is unique, which is why we tailor our goals, treatment plan, and interventions to each specific situation. While we treat and support all types of challenges, we most commonly work with:


Parents struggling with…

  • maintaining consistent boundaries

  • effective discipline

  • how to talk about feelings at home

  • how to respond to your child’s feelings

  • frustration with child

  • anxiety around parenting

  • helping your child regulate

  • guiding your child through divorce

  • changes at home

Children struggling with…

  • anxiety and stress management

  • traumatic experience resolution

  • abuse or neglect

  • anger and irritability

  • depression

  • emotional regulation

  • defiant behaviors

  • grief and loss

  • social challenges

  • shame and insecurity

  • divorce transitions

  • communication tools

  • obsessive thinking and compulsive behaviors (OCD)

  • perfectionism


Our Philosophy


We believe that information empowers growth and practice creates change. We empower children and parents by sharing the science of how the mind, emotions, relationships and brain function impact daily experience. We help children and parents achieve real growth through concrete skill building. Together, we want to help you create a path for long-term well-being and happiness as a family.

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Events + Podcasts + Workshops

Deena is a passionate teacher, dedicated to helping parents, teachers, and clinicians integrate the power of mindfulness, compassion training, and neurological understanding into daily interactions with kids. Interested in hosting? Invite Deena to:

  • Interviews and podcasts

  • Parent night/parent groups

  • School workshops

  • Teacher trainings

  • Private consultations

Most recently, Deena was featured on the Broken Brain podcast, which was recently highlighted on Apple’s top health podcast and is hosted by Dhru Purohit and Dr. Mark Hyman.