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Tailored to your child. 

Each child is unique. My therapy style uses a creative blend of activities, games, discussions, and exercises that are based in neuroscience and designed to help your child harness their strengths and build skills to work through their challenges. 

Step 1. Helping your child build insight - the ability to look inside and make sense of what he or she is thinking and feeling.

Step 2.  As your child becomes more aware of his or her subjective experience, we will work to build tools for effectively regulating feelings, constructively communicating, choosing behaviors, and navigating difficult situations. 

While these projects are often fun for a child, your child will actually be using his or her mind and attention to build new, more helpful neural networks linked to resilience and well being. 

How I Work With Parents. 

I find that parent involvement is crucial to a child's growth. 

Your child's therapy will begin with an initial parent intake session, in which we will go over your child's development history and gather important contextual information. This information will be the foundation for identifying strengths and tailoring activities, exercises, and games to help your child grow most effectively. 

I also request that parents provide a brief update prior to each session, either by email, voicemail, or a short phone call. 

After a child's session, I will be in touch to share the tools that your child is currently working on that week and share ways that you can support your child's growth.