Deena Margolin, LMFT

Child Therapy & Parent Coaching

Hi! I am a licensed marriage & family therapist (LMFT) who helps children and parents using a mindfulness-based, neuroscience-informed approach.


As a mindfulness-based, neuroscience-informed psychotherapist, I help children and families build awareness, connect through compassion, and cultivate helpful tools for navigating life’s hard moments.

Having trained at the Center for Mindful Living and worked as Associate Director at the Mindsight Institute under Dr. Daniel J. Siegel, pioneer of the field called Interpersonal Neurobiology, I view health and wellness through the lens of brain function, relational experiences, and mindfulness. Essentially, our experiences in life shape our brain, and yet learning to harness the power of mindfulness - the ability to be present in a moment, without judgment - can reshape the brain’s structure and function. This is how we grow and build tools for stress management, gain a deeper understand of self and the world we live within, and create more rewarding relationships in life.


Child Therapy

Through art, games, mindful reflections, and science-based activities, I help children harness their natural strengths and cultivate tools for resilience.

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Parent Coaching

Through parent coaching sessions, I guide explorations of family dynamics and identify helpful strategies for helping everyone in the family grow.

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Speaking Events & Consultations

Whether a private parent event, a workshop, or a consultation training for clinicians, I love engaging and teaching! Reach out to inquire more and schedule events and consultations.

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Through insight, awareness, empathy, and compassion, we create new strategies for navigating life’s stressful moments. This is how we rewire our brain, strengthen our mind, and grow

from surviving to thriving.

— Deena Margolin