• Interpersonal Neurobiology-based Psychotherapy for Children 
  • Preschool Prep Groups for Ages 2-3-Years
  • Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy for Adults
  • Presentations & Workshops in Mindfulness and Interpersonal Neurobiology 


Deena Margolin, MFTI

My work focuses on children, adolescents, and adults experiencing symptoms of depression and anxiety, as well as social and behavioral concerns including anger, temperament, aggression, and impulse, activity, and attention regulation.  I have an integrative mind-body-brain approach with an emphasis on mindfulness to help build self-regulation & adaptive living capabilities, a deeper understanding of the self, and more rewarding relationships. 

I also work with parents and infant/toddler-parent dyads to help build the insight, awareness, and understanding foundational to creating attuned, secure, parent-child relationships.



About Me 

I am a marriage and family psychotherapist intern, and I graduated at the top of my class at the University of Southern California. With research experience at UCLA in areas of mindfulness and meditation, I combine mindfulness – the ability to be aware and accepting of the unfolding of present moment experience –  with the latest research in neuroscience, social science, and child development theory.  Through my ability to connect with each unique individual, I help children and families to not only work through life’s challenges but to learn and grow from them, gaining invaluable perspective and resources for lifelong resilience, well-being, and thriving.  

I am continuing to research the field of interpersonal neurobiology at the Mindsight Institute under Dr. Daniel Siegel – founder of interpersonal neurobiology theory (IPNB).  I am also a certified yoga-barre instructor and lead a variety of guided meditations – including mindful awareness practices, breath-based meditation, and loving-kindness meditation.